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What Is The Difference Between A Cooperative Agreement And A Contract

A cooperation agreement is a type of project in which joint action or cooperation between the federal allocation agency and the recipient during the implementation of the project is deemed necessary or desirable for a successful implementation of the project. The NIJ may opt for discretionary grants in the form of grants or cooperation agreements. While many of you are familiar with subsidies, you may not be familiar with cooperation agreements. Cooperation agreements are just another tool to support crime and quality justice research. The cooperation agreements allow us to make full use of the expertise of NIJ scientists and to support innovative research. The table below shows some of the key differences and similarities between these two financing options. Even with this restriction, cooperation agreements are a fascinating funding tool that contractors and national and local governments should oversee in order to find a new way to conclude contracts with the Confederation. „A contract is a promise or a series of promises for a violation that the law provides for or is recognized by law as an obligation.“ Restatement (second) of Contracts 1 (1981) In the case of cooperation agreements, a significant participation is expected between the IJ and the beneficiary. The fellow is required to cooperate with the NIJ Grant Manager, who is the authorized representative of NIJ, who is responsible for the proper management of the prize. In addition, an NIJ scientist is responsible for collaborating with the recipient`s researchers on substantive issues related to the award – support, advice, coordination and participation in project activities to ensure success. The NIJ scientist may also publish and be present with the recipient`s investigators as representatives of the NIJ.

The main difference between a grant and a cooperation agreement is that, in the case of a grant, there is not much substantial interaction between the federal government and the recipient. In a cooperation agreement, the federal government is crucially associated with the declared agreement.